Tortoise Time

Far from the hubbub, your anxiety is palpable, like a rumble of a plane at takeoff from a runway. Your quiet mumble confirms your impatience. “It’s getting dark. We should move on.” I gently look your way, my eyes caressing yours. I lightly touch your left forearm, and that bodily motion sensor like a trip wire stills you. My calmness saturates. “Sit here with me for a while.” You take a moment to experience my tortoise time. Disquiet’s wind sheer rushes over its shell. We slumber awake, allow ourselves to lapse into more than a while. What you miss so much throughout the day, that which slips out of your grasp, is out of reach — the beautiful invisible — emerges from the periphery, and the curtain is pulled back. Behind the scenes the inescable beauty of truth shows its colors. It’s scalable immeasurability breaks countless rules.


This work is under creative commons licensing Attribution Non-Commercial Modifications With Credit Share Alike 4.0 International


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