The power of prepping

When someone actually gets through my screening and interview process, I switch gears. I see it as my job now to help them as much as possible to get the position rather than just make sure they are a good fit. I always meet with them before the technical interview. I first remind them of all the reasons they got through the initial phases, to set them at ease. I want them feeling strong and secure. We go over elements that stood out to me from our previous conversations that would be good to highlight. We talk about the interview style of the person/s they will be meeting with for the next round. Then we move into some psychological approaches to implement that specifically speak to the values of those they will be talking with next.

I send them on their way into the interview. Then I meet with them after they are done to discuss their thoughts and feelings. I do this to get a better read on where they are emotionally in handling the natural stress that comes with the process. It also helps establish a bond of being a support to that candidate because if they do come into the company I have already proven I am here from the start.

I do all this because I care about the culture of the company. Being a cheerleader for individuals from the beginning really goes a long way to provide a template for how it works around here. I am an ambassador for what we stand for. If I want people to feel encouraged to find joy within their working life, then I have to provide a platform for that to happen from the moment we interact.

Prepping candidates with as much support and information as I possible can makes everything move so much more smoothly. Making the assumption that it is my responsibility to guide the person into successfully getting the job for the next interview creates a sense of connection between myself and the candidate. This approach thus far appears to have long lasting positive effects, as it has been mentioned numerous times that I am the reason someone became so interested in a position. I know full well that it isn’t about me but rather the process of treating another with kindness, interest, and open communication. It is a win-win situation!