Budgets are Moral Documents…and This One Has Some Serious Failings.

The Administration’s FY18 budget released yesterday proposes draconian cuts and policy changes to a wide range of programs serving people living in poverty, those who are unemployed and underemployed, seniors, children, individuals with disabilities and many others. The proposed budget severely limits the scope and effectiveness of the safety net, slashes nutritional assistance, decimates access to health care for people with disabilities, children, and low-income individuals and others, reduces the capacity and reach of job training and education programs for adults and youth, restricts access to housing, makes individuals less safe, further handcuffs federal agencies’ ability to collaborate, and a host of other things.The budget would also drastically cut international development and diplomacy, slashing support to refugees, torture survivors, and other vulnerable communities worldwide.

Bottom line? Budgets are moral documents and this one has some serious failings.

Separate and apart from the Administration’s FY18 budget proposal, it is important to remember that Congress will make its own independent judgments in crafting the FY 2018 budget moving forward. Overshadowing this process is the return of reduced, sequestered spending caps for fiscal year 2018 which may severely restrict funding for a wide range of programs and services if not raised. These restrictive caps must be raised by Congress for non-defense discretionary programs to be adequately funded in FY 2018.

What YOU can do:

As Congress works on the FY 2018 budget, it’s critical that federal funding meets the needs of ALL people and communities. Join us in signing on to a letter calling for a budget that rejects proposed extreme cuts and raises spending caps to help ensure adequate funding for much-needed programs and services.This letter is open to local, state, and national organizations as well as individuals to sign on.

Call your member of Congress and tell them that you think that programs serving individuals living in poverty are important and effective and that you support international development assistance. U.S. Capitol switchboard: (202) 224–3121. Need help finding your member of Congress? Go here.