The United States is in great need of infrastructure revitalization, and while we hope that policies and plans are being made to get us to that point, we are calling for any infrastructure overhaul and federal investments to be fair and equitable.

Take a look at our posts from #InfrastructureWeek 2017 sharing some information about infrastructure in America and how its current short comings impacts some of our nation’s most vulnerable.

Low-income & communities of color will be hurt the most by these losses. It’s #TimeToBuild — equitably.

Now’s the #TimeToBuild so that we can avoid these significant losses & help create jobs for everyone who wants to work.

That’s not OK. We need to invest in infrastructure in the communities that need it most — & create jobs in the process. #TimeToBuild

Insufficient access to transportation correlates w/areas that have the highest unemployment & lowest incomes. #TimeToBuild better transit.

It’s #TimeToBuild AND time to create jobs for the people who need them most, including those facing barriers to employment.

Investing in communities and in people is critical to our country’s future. #TimeToBuild