Dear Heath Houston,
Hannah Bobannah

A bit of expo for anyone else reading this... ahem:

  • The “shades inside” are not a sign of increased douchiness in my persona, but rather a covering for a nasty swollen black-eye that kept getting looks.
  • Paul appears to be damn near molesting me with his over-sized grabber; however, the ugly shirt of mention is actually a 3/4 sleeve that I had attempted to push up (because Thailand is hot and humid — not two of my favorite things together) and he was giving me shit about stretching it.
  • Why was I wearing Paul’s ugly-ass shirt? After biking I had no clean clothes for going out and I was a lazy ass and took a nap instead of getting something washed. I mentioned skipping it, but this beautiful girl shows up with a shirt for me to wear. How could I say no? :p
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