Haha! Not weird at all, a little embarrassing for me maybe (videos are not my favorite), but I’m…
Amy Echstenkamper

Absolutely no need to be embarrassed, you’ve got serious presence.

I’m going to dig in to that soundcloud link, for sure. I can’t recall if I mentioned it or not (chaotic weekend, brain still going “wha…? it’s monday?!”), but I liked what I’ve heard already enough that I had to pick up my Takamine and started writing. I’m kind of inspired :p

My music is in my profile line. Just bedroom “studio” demos. I think there are two songs on there that have the “just me and acoustic guitar” versions as well. There’s even me with a ukulele on there (before you judge, I had never played one before :p ).

I’m extremely flattered that something I wrote had any impact, especially after reading your writing and being inspired by it. Thank you :)

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