Dude, I skimmed through the entire conversation to find what set off this particular excerpt of…
Samuel Leal

Actually I objected to him making fun of autism and aspergers.

He then came back to me wanting to discuss why he thinks overweight people are just lazy pieces of shit.

He pushed two buttons I found unacceptable.

There was no damsel involved with my reply to him, either one.

I admit to the essay writing, but everything else, except for checking to make sure the nutrition info I posted was correct and verifying I was correct on the RDA calories for a grown man (I was off prior to checking), came right out of my head with no need for wiki or googling. I know things. My brain soaks things up like a sponge.

  1. I actually put off doing some things I should have been doing because the idiot made me angry and I wanted my response to cover all of the bases why he is a judgmental idiot.
  2. I just, like days ago, got out of a long distance relationship that fucked me up. I’d hardly be the guy looking to score some “medium action.” Thanks and go fuck yourself for even bringing that up.

Blah blah Prince Charming (eat shit), Winner blah blah… How does one win at arguing on the internet? There was no goal of winning. What would I win? Is there a prize? A cookie? Something?

I educated him and hopefully some others. If you mean he won because he now knows the error of his thinking, then I will gladly concede that. Yay. He won.

Thank you for judging this bout of “someone arguing on the internet” I’m sure there are many grateful fans who needed it pointed out who the “winner” was. Good on ya. *golfclap*

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