Heath ዟ
Oct 8 · 1 min read

Associate, here.


  • A great date who said she was really excited to see me again, and continued to affirm that, chatting me up big time over the next week. Then… Ghosted. I saw her profile on another site a little while later with marital status magically changed from ‘divorced’ to ‘separated’. 🔥👻
  • Date cancelled by a woman who decided she’d rather work in her garden. I lost out to vegetables. Oh, and the next day she found “someone special” and messaged me to let me know. 🌿😕
  • A date where I was nearly mauled by a middle-aged woman who stopped, mid-tongue-in-my-mouth, to draw back with “I can’t, you look like one of my son’s friends…” 😬👦
  • A date who ghosted me after inviting me to come home with her, post-date, which I declined, telling her I’d rather get to know her better first. 😇👻
  • Several positive matches with women way too young for me to imagine anything lasting developing and a distinct lack of women my age showing any interest. 👶👧
  • A date whose favorite band was One Direction. 💩🙉

At that point, I took my Associates and left without pursuing higher education. 😁

Heath ዟ

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Heath ዟ

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