Blissful in Belize

To Mexico… and beyond!

Greetings from Belize!

Hannah and I got in Yesterday to sunshine and gorgeous beaches. Today, however, we got rain. As matter of fact it seems we barely missed getting hit by some truly nasty weather, so I’ll take it. :)

The rain is just another aspect of the paradise this place is. We stayed in (well, mostly) listening to the rain, drinking some amazing coffee, eating honey-glazed plantains drizzled with chocolate, and enjoying being with each other, as Hannah ‘details’ here:

If it’s raining again tomorrow (and there’s a good chance of it) we’ll just go out and dance in it… unless there’s lightning. Bullshit on some lightning.

We hopped a plane from Villahermosa to Cancún and another from there to Belize City.

Why Cancún? Well, weirdly, a flight from Villahermosa to Belize City takes as long as driving there (around 15 hours) due to crazy layovers. It’s also ridiculously expensive for the relative distance covered. Roughly 2 hours from Villahermosa to Cancún and another 2 hours from Cancún to Belize City. Dirt cheap, too. :)

Why not Cancún? Well, I hate vacation hotspots and don’t see the sense in bothering with them. I can’t stand over-crowded places, hence Cancún as a stop over on the way to Belize.

Once in Belize City we caught one of the “sea ferries” to the cayes. That, in itself, was a lovely experience.

A note about pictures: Yes, we have some. :) However, after seeing quite a few of my personal photographs from Medium plastered all over Google image search and even some being offered up on CC0, free to use sites, I’ve been re-thinking how I feel about it. I don’t care about credit, but our relationship, being new, is not something I want floating all over the wider internet. I’ll post a link for anyone who is interested once I get a site set up that doesn’t allow a creepy roving picture grabber to snatch them up.

Tonight is a special costume party which should be all kinds of fun. Hannah is having her hair done as I type this, and she is looking a bit annoyed at the process. Yes, I got a picture of that too. :D

We’ve got a few more days in Belize before we head to Puerto Barrios, Guatemala.

Más tarde, mis amigos!

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