Breakfast in Austin

then back to San Antonio

Kristen and I had a ridiculously tasty breakfast this morning at the Kerby Lane Cafe. I should know by now not to try eating anything with powdered sugar on it unless I am alone, especially when I’m wearing mostly black, but I am a dumb animal and she already likes me despite that. :p Ah, well.

I then drove home for a nap, a glorious snooze, oh yes. I really really needed that. I mean, yeah, I needed the nap, but more so the night out.

For the record it wasn’t that kind of breakfast, we were just up very very late, so I overnighted in Austin. She knows I have a thing for live music so she showed me around and we sort of made a tour of a few places.

We missed the Austin Music Video thingy but caught some of what turned into a sort-of after-party at the Empire Garage. That was fun.

I got wind of a taping of Cyndi Lauper for Austin City Limits going on.

Of course I figured I could get us in. Right? Nope, not happening, not even after I claimed to be her son. I even tried singing “Time After Time” for the security guy, but he was not moved or convinced. I did get a hoot from some random strangers, though.

Instead we headed over to Beer Land (what a name) and caught some very interesting bands. Very raw and tons of energy. I can only compare it to a blend of old school punk and The Pixies.

I had to go online and find out who they were. It was chaotic at the time, so I had no idea. We didn’t see all four of them, unfortunately.

I think a couple of who we saw were:

Space Battle

Crisis Hotlines

After that we caught most of a late night set by some really cool (and really GOOD) folk/country/Americana band at the Saxon Pub. Perfect stuff for chilling out and winding down.

After that, popcorn and a movie on the couch. What movie? Well:

Thank you, JusTee, we laughed our asses off. Kristen was either laying against me or laying the other way with her feet in my lap for most of it. I enjoy simple things like that.

I had my phone ringer off and really never thought to check it, I’m not big on being on my phone when I’m hanging out with people, but I did not mean to ignore anyone. I still have a lot of catching up to do on Medium.

Anthony White, dude… I hate that I didn’t see this until this morning. I’ll be heading back soon and I’ll check with you to see if we can catch that drink.

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