Do you write poetry in Spanish (or other non-English language?)

If so, and your English is not fluent enough for you to feel comfortable translating your poem into English (and you would like to have it translated by something other than Google Translate :p), I would love to collaborate with you to produce an translation that retains the intent, flow, and/or spirit of the poem.

The translated poem would be for you to publish as you see fit. I would only ask that, if I produce an acceptable translation, you include a “translated into English by Heath Houston” somewhere on the page.

I’ve become fascinated by the process and would love the opportunity to try my hand at it. I have seen some machine translations where the beauty of the poem does come through in the words, but a human could have kept it so much closer to the intent (especially where the piece is intended to rhyme or conform to a syllable count, etc.).

This would, of course, depend on my ability to work within the language. Asian languages, for example, would be prohibitively difficult for me, I’m afraid, but I believe any Romance/Latinate/Germanic language would be within my ability to work with.

Extremely short or long pieces may be more difficult for me to maintain the spirit of the piece, but I’d still be happy to give it a go. :)

Nothing whatsoever would be published outside of the author’s control. I know how important the preservation of my own words are to me.

If you have a follower or someone you follow who you think might be interested, please feel free to make them aware of this.

Let me know here if you are interested and we can discuss.

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