I Want Loneliness

First of all, I love it. A peaceful tension if that makes sense. If Tre is weird and you’re bizarre, then I’m fucking strange. :D

Anyway, since the subject of interpretation came up (I think it did, if not, let’s pretend), while reading this, and yes, this is my personal lens involving itself like that paper clip popping up in MS Word years ago, it felt to me like something I deal with regularly. I tend love very deeply and doing things with a person I love (quiet, Sean, I didn’t mean it that way) is very fulfilling…

but people can mistake that for being clingy. I’m not. I love my family dearly, and I see them once a year. I like my space, my quiet time... I need that time. I’m not the stick-to-someone-at-all-times kind of person, yet those times when I am spending time with someone they get all of me.

Anyway, it felt a bit like that to me.

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