Notorious DCI, man.
Clay Rivers

Forgive me for recycling some words, Clay. :)

I may touch people with the things I write, but don’t forget, everyone reacts, to a degree, and you are, similarly, expressing things that most people aren’t capable of writing out, so just like how what I write resonates, so does what you write. Both strike upon the shared human existence.
 That never gets old. :)
I believe your kind, generous, deep, and inspirational writing holds great value. We can all be a bit blind to our effects on people sometimes, but in case you didn’t notice, you, and what you write (just like what you wrote to Notorious and I), are well loved, well respected, and well received. 
I know you didn’t write this for compliments, but I give them where they’re genuinely deserved.

Personally, I think the world of you, my friend. It’s a constant regret that I’m so behind in everything and haven’t done as much reading as I’d like (by a long shot), but I’m digging my way out (well, not at the moment :D ).

I hope we’ll keep in touch for a long time and it would be a real treat to have a coffee, tea, chai, beer, whiskey, Jaeger (well, maybe not Jaeger, urrfff!), whatever you dig, with you sometime.

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