Omg! I literally laughed the entire way through this.
Wild Flower

Hahahaaha, you just used “vegemite” as a verb. That. is. awesome. Love it.

New slogan: “Do you Vegemite?”

Tell Australia I just trademarked that… although Kraft might have something to say about it.

Glad it got a laugh, Wild Flower :)

What sucks is we have no toaster oven type thing at work, so I have to toast the bread in the toaster, put butter on it, then vegemite, then cheese, then nuke it. By that time it’s not really “toasty” anymore. I’ll have to make some in my oven at home or maybe snag a sandwich press thingy. I could keep that at work with no fear of it “walking off” because of the way the pungent Vegemite funk repels my coworkers :D