Here’s to the little things

Apropos to nothing in particular…

Every once in a while I read something by someone I respect and admire (@Kimberly Harrington in this particular case… not the Harambe-related articles, though I have also appreciated those as well as @ H. Nemesis Nyx’s contributions in the responses) and they talk about things going on in the world and it hits me how insulated I am.

Of course the first feeling I get is along a common theme for me... why does everyone else seem to find it so easy to connect and get this swirling chaotic maelstrom of 18 different kinds of shit that permeates this self-centered, blame everyone else, despise those who disagree with you, dear God they’re coming to get me!, everything should be allowed!, liberals are communists, conservatives are nazis, you people believe this, no! you people believe this, it’s all Bush’s fault!, it’s all Obama’s fault world we’re stewing in today. I don’t get it. I don’t connect with it. I basically shut down my Twitter account (I’m sure my 20 followers are sooo upset) because of the deluge of politically motivated hate-rants.

So, I ignore it. It’s not really an active thing. I don’t realize I’m doing it anymore until I come up for some reality and get reminded that I am terribly out of touch. I don’t always feel that’s a bad thing. Somehow I’ve fashioned a brain filter where I’ve spent so much time consciously avoiding the garbage that now I do it unconsciously.

Hows my garbage filter? Let’s see:

The Kardashians? I know there’s Kim and I think she has a sister named Chloe. I know she likes to show off her butt and she had an expensive wedding. That’s my sum-total knowledge. I don’t get why this is news or even gets discussed.

Are Brad and Angelina still a thing? I know they were at some point.

I know David Bowie, Lemmy Kilmister, Nick Menza, Merle Haggard, George Martin, and Prince are dead. I know Paul (Faul?) McCartney is still around.

Is Kanye West still a thing?

What else do I (think I) know? (WARNING, this is about as political as I get)

Hillary Clinton? Needs to understand email and security. Would claim to having wolf DNA if it broadened her demographic. Married to Bill Clinton. Was kind-of nerd-cute when she was younger. Frankly I’d prefer our first female president to be someone truly inspiring. I don’t think that’s allowed anymore in this country, though.

Donald Trump? This guy is running for president? How the hell did this happen? No, seriously, how did this comic book character come to life? I thought it was a joke, like Zod for President, except Zod would have made a much more engaging candidate. I have trouble believing he’s not a work of fiction by a bad writer.

Ted Cruz? I live in San Antonio, TX and all I can really tell you is that he is a republican and he seems to be a nicer guy than Trump. I can’t really qualify that, though. I just know that his set of facial expressions contain a few that Trump seems to be missing, the ones other than Rageface, Condescension, and Arrogant Smile.

Bernie Sanders? I like his name. Hey, Bernie! Like the list above, I know very little about him. He seems like a nice guy and the only one of these folks who has a genuine personality. But from the few things I’ve accidentally overheard him say, he sounds like a guy who wants “good stuff to happen” and has about zero idea if it’s possible or how in the hell it would be accomplished, but if we wish hard enough it’s bound to happen.

If I have offended you with the above statements, then you really, seriously, need to get a life. It should not be necessary among typically-to-highly intelligent adults, but here goes the only attempt I’ll make at appeasing rabid political freaks with the scent of blood in their noses who may stumble across this.

  1. I said I didn’t know much of anything about them, so if, after reading that, you still think I’m trying to make a serious political statement, you cannot be helped.
  2. I do NOT wish to be educated further on these people, politics, political*RALPH* parties, or how evil/stupid/shit-headed conservatives/liberals are. If you still insist on doing this, then you are the shithead and not because of your political views.
  3. Disliking Hillary does not make me a misogynist.
  4. Disliking Trump does not make me UnAmerican Commie.
  5. Disliking Bernard (see? I love the name) does not make me a Killer of Unicorn Dreams… but if it did, that would actually be a kick-ass title.
  6. Disliking Ted does not make me… um… yeah, no idea on this one.

Harambe the Ape. I wouldn’t have heard about this except a few people I follow here on Medium wrote about it. My reaction to the actual news? “Oh, that’s terrible. Poor kid, poor mother, poor gorilla! Man, I haven’t been to a zoo in a long time, maybe I should go sometime.”

It wasn’t until the collective shitstorm over good/bad parenting opinions rained down that I even considered it more than a tragic accident, because… *drumroll* …shit happens. No matter how careful, observant, cautious, prepared, etc. we are, history shows that shit will still happen. It wasn’t the kid’s fault, it wasn’t the mothers fault, it wasn’t the gorilla’s fault, and it wasn’t the zoo-keeper’s fault. It was bad shit, and it happened. That’s all.

So what is all the damn bickering about? I don’t know. Like I said before, I don’t get it. Evidently the greatest repository of knowledge and human communication (and porn) to ever exist in this world is just a platform for people to bitch about movies and assign self-righteous blame.

Me. Out of touch.

There are other things I won’t bother mentioning because the fallout for merely typing the words would eclipse anything the zoo tragedy generated. I would, as ill-advised as I know it is, be compelled, at least at first, to argue my point until I degenerated into one of those internet people. I’m not perfect and I’m not immune. I’ve fallen into that trap before (and, yes, I do realize the irony of this article I’m writing in light of that and acknowledge I may have a problem). So I avoid that. Or I try to.

But, like dogshit in the grass, sometimes you step in it without realizing it. You can sit there smelling it, being grossed out by it, cursing it, asking God why this would happen to you when you’ve been good, study it’s chemical composition, swear vendetta on the dog who excreted it… or you can just wipe that shit off and go about your life.

But, still, I don’t get it, and I don’t think I ever will. I don’t get blind ideology, our club vs. their club dynamics, hatred, the weird satisfaction of assigning blame. I insulate and ignore, which is not something I am recommending. I walk through it oblivious... until I’m not oblivious... and then I’m just confused. I’m sure one day something catastrophic, or at least incredibly embarrassing, will happen to me due to that.

You know what I’m not oblivious to? I watched a movie last night, East Side Sushi, not because I’m enlightened or special but because I was bored and it sounded pleasant enough. What a great beautiful movie (and the theme song is so pure and beautiful, I’ve been listening to it on repeat and have not gotten tired of it, though I don’t understand a word). It did not ignore human ugliness, but it did show that people are capable of amazing things and sometimes the most contrary person you know can have an epiphany if given time and shown, through actions, not just words, the error of their thinking. It’s not unique in that, but it did it well and it’s still a fresh experience in my mind.

It wasn’t focused on grand important world changing events or powers. Instead it focused on little things that real change and connection all stem from, like the trillions of cells making up living organism. Without a beating heart you would not live, but the only way you get that beating heart is through the cooperation of all of those cells working together. In this movie’s case it was perseverance, open hearts (not the kind I mention above; that would be gross), acceptance, and forgiveness.

I like to think that maybe my inability to “get” or understand or focus on these “big picture” concepts, events, news, etc. is because I can’t help noticing the beautiful small things, and that just takes up all my time and focus. I don’t feel that makes me better than anyone else and it certainly does not make me unique. As a matter of fact I’m most likely deficient in that I can’t seem to do both.

Still, I guess there are worse ways to be.

Here’s to the little things.

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