To Men I Love, About Men Who Scare Me
Laura Munoz

Hi, Laura,

Good piece of writing. I appreciate how you avoided labeling all, or most, men as this type. As a guy, I’m firmly aware of the asinine nature of an embarrassingly large minority of men who are just plain assholes. Unfortunately they tend to draw the borderline assholes into a weekend vacation to Jackassville along with them. It’s disheartening in the extreme to hear some of the extreme feminist views deriding all men as being this way.

Thank you for for allowing for the large majority of nicer guys who exist out there. Some of us “nicer” guys might be insensitive or boorish from time to time, but nearly any guy in this “nicer” group would balk at the behavior described here.

I’m sincerely sorry about your experiences and as a guy it infuriates me enough that it has to be such an uphill battle for most guys to convince women, especially those who have had very bad experiences, that we’re smart, good natured, loyal, and decent people. It infuriates me even more, however, that women keep encountering these kinds of situations. I have zero patience for men intimidating, mistreating, demeaning, or harming women.

I wish I had some good answers as to how to go about changing these things. I’d have been tempted to knock that bartender unconscious. Not a solution, but that kind of behavior makes me angry.

Just a disclaimer:
I’m not a social justice warrior and, frankly, I’m anti-feminist (as far as feminism is portrayed these days). I am 100% for equal rights and protection under law, equal pay, equal employment opportunities, equal education, etc. I have no tolerance for harassment, unwelcome advancements, malicious objectifying, and most asshole behavior towards another person.

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