Halo MACHOw Guy Heath. Plea’s take note:
Lori Brewer

Honestly, it’s still a fine line :/ It’s one of those things we’re required to say, and it should be true, and as we get older it seems there’s less judgement…

but the sad real-world fact is, a guy has 2 or 3 opportunities to express that and then it crosses a line into unacceptable.. unless it’s done comically.

For every one man or woman enlightened enough to accept that people cry when hurt badly enough and when emotionally overwhelming events take place, there are about ten-thousand guys thinking “whiny cry-baby bitch” and ten-thousand women who just put that guy on their “no fly” list.

Even with a baby, seriously…

Birth of child, cry, aww, adorable :)

First time baby falls asleep in his arms, cry, aww :)

Birth of second child, cry, okay, this again, well, okay it’s still sweet :|

First time second child falls asleep in arms, cry, really dude? You’ve got to knock that shit off.

It sucks, and we don’t like to admit it, but most of us, if we really look deep, will find out a guy we see cry more than once or twice gets a black mark.