The ironic duality of your being able to post that photo and not feel the need to explain what it…
Caleb Ramsby

I don’t mean it as a debate, Caleb.

Even now people “just follow orders.”

Nazi Germany didn’t just accidentally receive a shitload of ez bake ovens and suddenly think “You know what? Fuck those Jews.”

It brewed in a stew of fear and blame for years like the frog in slowly heating water.

Fear and Blame… those people… your safety… us, them.. more important… ends justify means…

The really fucked up part of this is that the platitudes that are being used today could have been lifted nearly word for word from Nazi propaganda and there are MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of people in this world who are listening, the same as the Germans did, slowly absorbing it, little by little, day by day.

I see it full tilt in the US, Germany, the UK, and Australia already. Hell, Rev. Denial was preaching it from Melbourne just a few days ago right here on Medium.

As I showed in my response to Dusty, the military has always been more than willing to waste a few thousand civilian lives for public opinion. Why not a million? I’m not talking about the individual who, on his or her own, is capable of making the right decision, but as a whole, which is how they are conditioned to operate.

The biggest control the military leadership has is the individual’s unwillingness to believe they were given orders to kill in the interest of corporations and PR. A person will look for any other “truth” to avoid accepting that one, and I don’t blame them.

“I was following orders”
“I did it for freedom”
“I was defending America”
“They are the enemy”
“They want to kill us”

One example, “Desert Storm.” The US, governmentally and militarily, couldn’t give two shits about Kurds being mustard gassed in Kuwait. Why would they? “Fuck those ragheads” was the sentiment. In the military, today, it still is.

No, Iraq chose to deviate from the Saudi negotiated “U.S. Oil Dollar” standard, as is their right, being a sovereign country.

That could have and probably would have had a domino effect on the U.S. oil currency monopoly. We can’t have our big fat bastard oil tycoons having to pay the same as everyone else, no sir!

So suddenly we care about “ragheads” being gassed.

None of those soldiers were over there trying to save some gluttonous pigs a few dollars. They were told “Spread freedom! Protect your country!”

History has always sent the poor and the working class to die for rich people and it still happens today. Instead of giving them the option of that, or being beaten to death in the street as an example, they are given lies and propaganda which is far more effective.

I think one of the most absurd beliefs in the world today is that our leadership is somehow more altruistic and that the atrocities of our past cannot happen again because... what? We’ve learned? Have we?