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I ducked the stapler and made a “muhahaha” laugh… as I am wont to do.

As to the Amazon Prime guy, I’m going to go out on a limb and say they most likely don’t hate that.

The rest of my day was actually kind of crap, but not overly bad crap.

Here’s a sample of it:

So then I realized I had nothing to drink at home, and the tap water here is awful to drink. Not as awful as it was in Hollywood, but gross with way too many minerals (hello, kidney stones), so I stopped by a CVS to grab some bottled waters and pecans (because they are delicious) and I’m walking around as this exhausted battered sweaty mess.

It sucked.

I get home, shower and realize I could go for a nap, but oh, no, my brain wants to be an asshole as soon as I lay down. You know how you miss someone, and then you’re over missing them, and then suddenly for no good reason you are just missing the hell out of them, like in a “something has been torn from me” kind of way? Yeah, that.

Today is better so far, though regret I have the gym again at 4:30pm… but at least today is an upper body work out day. A less hellish hell. :)

Hey, you keep holding on. You’re my homie now, so if you need a hand, let me know.

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