You are welcome.

“I felt I had permission to reach out to you across the void with my own truth.”

and with me you always do.

“He just didn’t feel the way I felt. In the moment when I learned that fact, I was devestated. My world was shattered. But I loved him. I wanted him to be happy and lead whatever kind of life it was that he wanted. What could I do but accept and respect his feelings.”

This is precisely what I am try so hard to be. I know its the right way. Easier said than done, yeah? :p

I love her, I’ll always love her, and there will always be a piece of my heart with her name on it, but, yeah, it just isn’t to be. I had my fit about it and made things worse. Now I just want to wish every good thing in life for her and go on with my life and eventually get to where I don’t miss her so much.

I’m good with rambling, don’t mind a bit. Ramble at me anytime.

Thank you for helping :)

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