Wow. That’s exactly how I felt about my former lover.
Cecilie Roos

I get that. The person I wrote that for, I honestly thought she would be that for me, the person who actually wanted to know me and love me for all that I am, and for a while it was crazy passionate, but in the end I just wasn’t important enough to her to bother.

Mistakes on both sides, mine for not realizing how she was sooner, and hers for being afraid to be loved and passing on the guy who would treat her better than anyone else ever will.

Not the most hopeful tale, I know.

But there are people like me in the world.

Believe it or not, what you just wrote above was romantic as hell. I think you do understand romantic love, but haven’t had it returned in such a way that you think of it as anything other than just the way you feel love should be. There’s a beautiful honesty there, because why shouldn’t that be the goal, to love someone wholly enough that “the imperfections, the weaknesses, the lows” can’t be separated out, but are loved with everything else?

There are people like you in the world.

So it’s not a hopeless scenario, just way harder than it should have to be. The upside is feeling something that 99.99% of the world will never experience, like going into space and seeing the earth from the outside. Pictures are nice, but actually experiencing it, and only a few people have ever done so, was worth the years and years of training and difficulty to them.

My new goal is to learn and filter out, more quickly, people who are not going to be able to appreciate the whole me before I invest my heart in them.

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