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I had read the Tao of Jeet Kune Do years ago, from a philosophical stand point, while practicing Hapkido and Akido (after some initial exposure to Kuk Sul Woon).

Years later after I’d been out of it for a while, a friend of mine suggested we take up some form of martial arts and I almost jokingly suggested Jeet Kune Do, not even realizing it was still somewhat widely taught. We googled San Antonio Jeet June Do and found and old website for Vern. We both started calling him and bugging him. He had retired from formal training and is working with law enforcement. He asked to talk to us in person and then decided to take us both on as students. No studio or anything, just us in his garage, old school.

Let me tell you, training in a garage in San Antonio summer… brutal.

He’s such a cool cool guy. :) Very calm and kind.

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