Thank you, Heath Houston, I appreciate you saying that.
Rachel B. Baxter

I had some bad experiences early on with poetry in from by some very bad writers in a really bad educational system, and later on by very bad songwriters (I’m looking at you, Foreigner).

I’ve always been rather elemental in my approach.. I’ve got a not-always-fortunate tendency towards chaos. I’m the kid running with the wolves :) I’ve also got a thing for pure raw emotion, hence my attraction to the subjects of love and emotional pain, two of the most basic and powerful emotions that pretty much every one shares. I like reading something that makes me short of breath. :)

Since I’ve become comfortable with the raw expression of free verse, and after being prompted by you, I’ve enjoyed creating poetry in form. To me it’s the challenge of taking what I would express without rules or limitations and seeing if I can make structures from that chaos and still retain the power and expression.

I admit, I was thrilled to see your writing in this manner and very not-surprised at how fantastic it is. It’s not the first piece I’ve seen you damn the rules on :p but it struck me right between the eyes when I read it. :)

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