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I just came here to call you a douchebag.

…but, for an adult male it’s actually 2400–3200, depending on age and activity level. That is, given a perfectly normal functioning metabolism, thyroid, and pancreas.

But even then you are completely wrong. The obesity epidemic in the US is the fault of the same narrow minded thinking you are espousing here.

Tell me why certain medications can cause drastic weight gain while eating the exact same amount of food and getting the same amount of physical activity as before the medication.

Tell me why I can eat I can eat 4000 calories a day of protein and fat and lose weight while someone eating 2400 calories a day of protein, carbohydrates, and fat, does not.

Tell me why Type 1 diabetics waste away if unmedicated even while eating sufficient quantities of food.

Tell me why two different people can eat the same food, get the same amount of physical activity, and still vary significantly in body weight, fat, BMI, etc.

The answer is body chemistry and genetics. You cannot, with even two active brain cells rubbing together, deny that.

Okay, so, no, body chemistry and genetics are not completely responsible, no. There’s more.

Sugar is a hepotoxin. It is POISONOUS to the liver.

Like most poisons, your body can handle a certain dose without triggering bodily defenses. I believe it’s 9–12 teaspoons of added sugar a day before the liver begins protecting itself from damage. Here’s a clue, a kids eats a pack of pop-tarts and that’s 6–7 teaspoons (34 grams) to start the day.

Carbs 64g (Added sugar 34g)
Fat 18g
Protein 4g

That kid will in NO WAY work off those carbohydrates sitting in class. Then since there is an excess of carbohydrate, the rest of that fat gets used just a little bit and then stored.

Now, kids these days have access to vending machines and pizza for lunch (I shit you not, it is considered a vegetable due to the tomato sauce, look it up). Most schools also offer a hamburger and fries for lunch. Did you know that the glycemic effect on your body from potatoes is more than TWICE that of table sugar? Oh, and they were cooked in FAT before being frozen and shipped to the school.

So, now they have sodas and candy, plus a slice or two of pizza for lunch (or burger and fries), so let’s see:

Let’s say 2 sodas a day, which is far far under what is normally consumed.

Carbs 124g
Sugar 22.5 teaspoons (112 grams)

1 candy snack, let’s say something innocuous such as gummi bears.

Carbs 60
Sugar 8 teaspoons (40 grams)
Protein 6g

So at this point that’s about 38 teaspoons (187 grams) of added sugar, but only a fraction of the total carbohydrates.

So let’s say on average a junior high kid can process about 10 teaspoons (50g) of added sugar before the liver begins converting it STRAIGHT TO STORAGE FAT REGARDLESS OF PHYSICAL ACTIVITY!

It’s a hepotoxin, this is what the liver does to protect itself.

It takes 4 calories to burn a gram of protein or carbohydrate, but 9 calories to burn a gram of fat. Think of all the 4 cal carbohydrates that being stored as 9 cal fats.

In addition all unused carbohydrates will also be converted to storage fat.

Are you seeing how the “calories” of food intake changes depending on how educated you are as to how it works/how efficiently the product hides what is in it?

Oh, yes, we’re told by the “food pyramid” that those carbohydrates should be the vast majority of your diet.

Then lunch.

Pepperoni pizza, per slice:

Fat 13g
Carbs 33g
Protein 13g

I used Pizza Hut for an example as they have contracts across the US for school lunches. At the very least they use very little added sugar.

So, in general, 2 slices, 26g fat, 66g carb, 26g protein.

— or —


Fat 21g
Carbs 36g 
 — added sugar another 2–3 teaspoons (14 grams)
Protein 23g

French fries (medium serving):

Fat 19g
Carbs 48g
Protein 5g

So, in general, burger and fries 40g Fat, 84g carbs, 2–3 teaspoons (14 grams) added sugar, 28g protein

Averaging that lunch gives:

Fat 33g
Carbs 75g, 7g added sugar
Protein 27g

So, before the school day is out, these kids are consuming:

Fat 51g
Carbs 323g, 193 of which is added sugar.
Protein 37g

Can you already see the problem? They consume this with no oversite, education, or supervision, except for the pop tarts which are advertised as “part of a nutritious breakfast.”

Honestly, eating 2 pop tarts is hardly “pigging out”

One little bag of gummi bears seems pretty innocent (God forbid they opt for a Snickers bar with their advertisements as a perfect “between meals” snack or even a fruit roll-up, go check the nutrition info on that.)

2 slices of pizza or a burger and fries is something a small person can easily consume.

2 sugary drinks? How about what they drink before school which I’m not even listing. Orange Juice? MASSIVE added sugar. Coffe? Added sugar. Red Bull? Jesus… MILK? Yep.

This is not in any way a ridiculous amount of food.

So, 459 calories to burn from direct fat.

The carbs… 323 total, 193 or which is added sugar, 50g of that can potentially be used as carb fuel, so of that 323, 143 grams WILL be stored as fat.

Carbs definitely stored as fat, 143g, 1287 calories to burn it off.

That leaves 180g of carbs available for energy. It would take 720 calories to burn that.

About 90 calories an hour gets burned sitting for about a 160 lb person actively engaged in something. Bored and staring into space about 75. Sitting half asleep about 60.

Say 2 hours of each on a school day. 450 of the energy available carbs burned.

A total of maybe 45 minutes walking, about 105. So about 555 calories burned before heading home.

So that leaves roughly 165 calories of carbs unburned which then transforms into fat which will take 370 calories to burn.

Then there’s the protein. Another 148 calories to burn off.

That leaves about 2300 calories to be burned off just that evening, with the addition of what is typically the largest meal of the day to still be consumed. It’s a toss up as to what’s for dinner, but there is maybe a 30% chance of it being home cooked. There is a much larger chance, in this day and age that it will something from the freezer or take out.

That will probably add AT LEAST another 1000 calories to be burned, and that’s being conservative.

So, with a large amount of homework these days, the time to actually burn that off is limited. Good luck with that 3300 calories sitting there.

A person running 10-minute miles for an hour covers six miles and burns about 600 calories in this calculation; a person running 6-minute miles for that same amount of time runs 10 miles and burns 1,000 calories.

So, lets say the teen busts his/her ass running that evening. They’d need to run 6 minute miles for 3 hours to burn that off, and that’s just to maintain. Or 2.75 hours of that and several hours of sitting around watching TV or playing video games.

Do you see the problem?

We are educated to ruin our health and those habits and that mis-education go straight into adulthood.

Now, God forbid you are overweight and trying to loose it. Me, personally, I’ve been going to the gym for 3 weeks, 5 days a week with a paid trainer, while also eating a very low carb diet and I’m, just trying to get rid of a little desk flab. I have lost 10 pounds.

10 fucking pounds.

Okay, so yeah, it’s hard, and fuckwits like you on your little fuckwit soapboxes spouting your fuckwit comments don;t make it any easier.

Now, here’s what’s really messed up.

Did you know that sugar is highly addictive? It’s more addictive than cocaine. Go look it up, it’s just a google away. They’ve got conclusive proof. There’s even a funny little test where lab rats (one of the closest animals to human beings as far as nutrition effects go) had two pedals, but only one would work at a given interval. One dispensed a cocaine drip and the other a sugar drip. If they pick one, they cannot use the other until the next interval. In EVERY CASE the rats would, over a very short period of time, begin to completely ignore the cocaine pedal.

So, you take an overweight person who is already addicted to sugar because of our evil fucking nutrition disclosure laws and Michelle shithead Obama’s failure to do even one useful thing about nutrition education.

Pretend that sugar addict is a heroin addict. Addition is addiction. Think about that.

This person is kicking horse. Yet, he/she pretty much HAS to take a small dose to survive. Still, he/she is supposed to kick the habit. Then this addict gets to the office and there’s a box of Dunkin Herion just sitting there and everyone is coming in and shooting up. They’re putting it in their coffee and making orgasmic “ahhhhh” noises.

Then Asshole in the cubicle next to you is loudly opening the crinkly wrapper of his full heroin hypo and making these pleasurable sounds while shooting it up. Someone goes walking past you with some Kentucky Fried Heroin and it’s sprinkling on you as they pass, giving you a tiny taste in the air. What do you have? A salad.. erm.. 2 Ibuprofen and a hypo full of something that looks and tastes lie heroin, but isn’t and doesn’t do anything.

You go home and turn on the TV and every few minutes a commercial comes on and people are shooting up heroin and not just that, they are FUCKING LOVING it. Nice slow motion shots of that needle plunging in, the slow push of the junk into the arm, the lingering euphoric facial expression. The communal laughter and good times as they snap each others surgical tubing. God, they’re having so much fun.

All you have to do is get in your car and drive to a window, get your heroin, for dirt cheap! and drive on, go home and, in solitude, cry in shame as you stick that needle in your arm because you are a fucking failure AGAIN and you’ll always be a junkie failure, but damn, it does the trick for a bit.

Maybe you try and go out with some friends. They’re just going to shoot up right in front of you, the server is going to tell you all the different types of heroin they could bring you, but you order 2 Ibuprofen and your fucking friends with needles still in there arms say shit like “good for you” or worse “it won’t hurt if you just shoot up a little.” There is communal heroin just all over the table, yours for the taking.

So, yeah, Pat Riarchy, go fuck yourself with your “it’s simple!” bullshit. If it were simple we wouldn’t have an epidemic.

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