But you see it too, cutting hair — especially long hair , it is not all that mundane at all.
Ivana Knezevic

I love what you had to say here, Ivana.

In our different methods, we’re saying something very similar. I praised her for what she was able to effectively attach to the act of having her hair cut. What you mention are other emotional, ritual, and social meaning attached to it. By mundane I did not mean devoid of attachment, but referred only to the mundane act before any other consideration :)

ie. Two people getting a hair cut. Person #1 sits in the chair and opens a magazine while telling the barber/stylist/etc. “just trim it up.” Pretty mundane. Person #2 sits the chair nervously telling the the barber/stylist/etc. how she has spent the last twenty years raising kids and no she wants to pay some attention to herself. The same mundane process as Person #1 is going to take place, but with a definite significance.

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