Heath, why on earth would anyone want to imagine being a teenage girl — that’s just sick and…
Sherry Kappel

I really appreciate the calm and tactful way you went about making your point :) Much respect.

It’s been a long road for me as a writer. To include language and mature themes in my writing for the sake of authenticity and my own vision, even though my sisters and mother might see it (and awkwardly enough, they have… it’s pretty weird to write about sensually making love to a woman and have you mother show up on Medium and green heart it… true story) has taken years to brave.

Hell, Poet, Romantic, Whore is there for all the world to see and there are about 100 of my family members (half of them rednecks) on Facebook who could see it in a click. It took years for me to have to guts to chance that.

But I got there, and being told I wasn’t allowed to write from the perspective of someone different from me, it got my hackles up.

I’ll be honest.. and I really truly hope I do not offend my friends here, but I would consider writing from the perspective of a Nigerian woman to be an incredible challenge.

My point of concession is this, however… there’s no question in my mind as to the respect I pay any culture or ethnicity, but what percentage of writers can be expected to do the same? How many (possibly including myself) might believe they are respectfully portraying a character and unwittingly playing into stereotypes or just write those portrayals very badly.

I do try to see both sides :P

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