My Medium Birthday

was December 4th, 2014.

I had a few scraggly stories, no direction, alone and uninterested in the community here.

For well over a year it stayed that way. If you’re brave enough you can still find those old stories. They’re the ones with 0–2 recommends. Mind the dust and the cobwebs.

A few months into 2016 everything changed. I had 36 “followers” and had never seen the little “10 recommends” badge. I’d barely written anything at all. This place was nothing but a storage area for a few stories.

Somehow between May of this year, I went from this:

to this:

Yeah, “Somehow…” I know how. I met some amazing people on here and BOOM. Chain Reaction.

**** I just hit 600 “readers” today ****


(I hate the term “followers”), and in all of those I’ve only ever lost 1 that really mattered.

How crazy is that? I love the shit out of you people. I hope you know that. This isn’t anything other than pure shock and appreciation.



(Oops! Make that 601!)


Giant smile right now.

P.S. if anyone is interested:

Th would have read: Drafts 0 …. Public 12 …. Unlisted 1 just about 4 months ago.

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