That’s what the people posting listacls and life hacks are trying to do too.
Billy Stidham

I think maybe you nailed it there without realizing it. Art has absolutely nothing to do with “trying to get clicks and … trying to share important articles.” There are God knows how many social networking sites for that crap. Want to share an important article? Go to Twitter. Re-tweet that critically important article about “10 ways to get your bosses attention” to your hearts content. Want clicks? Go to Facebook and post something about whatever idiot presidential candidate spewed the latest idiocy.

I’ve been more and more inactive on here for the same reasons as Charles O’Meara. As a matter of fact, the only reason I’m even on here right now is I saw “Medium” and “bye” in an email header and thought “yeah, I know that feeling…”

…and much like Charles, I could stay here and sip the Shit and Garlic Soup this place has become, because I like garlic, but not enough to stomach the vastly over-represented taste of Shit Soup.

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