I asked men to stand by Kesha, instead I just got hate. I feel more powerful than ever.
laura louise

I think one of the issues is that most “gents” don’t want to be associated in any way with Kesha, because she’s kind of nasty and gross and not in a “I can’t help it” kind of way.

That said, as a human being, I’d stand up and defend her rights as staunchly as anyone else, on general principle that a human being HAS RIGHTS.

I’m hearing about this late (sorry, celebrities are about dead last on my list of concerns in life), but she has my full support against her criminal piece of shit producer. I’d like to kick the guy in the face.. not for Kesha, but for all women who shouldn’t have to take this kind of shit, ever.

I won’t, and never will, promote a hashtag with her name in it. #FREEWOMENINABUSIVECONTRACTS sure. #EQUALPROTECTIONUNDERLAWFORWOMEN you bet.

I’m not intending to be “mean” towards Kesha, but she’s just another celebrity with very little talent, being worshipped by a generation of lost damaged idiot iphone children. I won’t contribute to that by tweeting or otherwise broadcasting her name around the world. She needs to win everything against this producer and then fade away into obscurity.

To summarize:

  1. No one deserves to endure what she has had to deal with from this slimeball producer. No matter my opinion on her personally, she’s still human being and this Dr. Luke guy needs to go to jail, hard.
  2. Any guy who responds to this situation by blaming her for her producer’s criminal behavior (no matter how skanky she is), further wishing any harm on her, or calling her names is a lowlife piece of shit. BTW, I don’t consider expressing my opinion on how she comes off to me, when it is relevant to the situation, as name calling. Her “skankiness” is her thing. You can’t tell me she doesn’t go in front of the mirror and think “I look just the right amount of dumpster junkie, let’s hit the stage.” It just grosses me out, is all. Obviously a lot of people like it. *shrug*
  3. I’m sure there are many many people who support fighting this kind of thing who do not wish to be publicly associated with Kesha. This doesn’t make them bad people, just as the sheep people shouting the latest cause because they’re loudmouth idiots doesn’t make them caring or good.
  4. If I was a judge I’d throw this dude under the jail, award no monetary award to Kesha, and donate every cent of this producer’s assets to charities, such as women’s shelters, justice projects, etc.
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