Stop using “they,” as if some third party source has been brainwashing us, forcing violence, crime, and cruelty on our melting pot of peace. We are the world, and therefore we are the problem. We decide what is on television, in the newspapers, magazines, what types of video games sell. When we stop consuming bad culture, we will stop making bad culture. All “they” does is misplace the blame, preventing us as individuals from changing our ways.
A Letter to President Obama and everyone else

I thought this was excellent.

I’m not fond of Obama at all (also, not a republican) so there are parts of your piece that I can’t identify with. However, as you said we are the world, so it’s not necessary that I “like” the same people as you to share your sentiment.

Yes, we gobble up bad culture just like we gobble up fast food, because it’s cheap, easy, and marketed for billions of dollars. America can’t get enough of bad culture, and Europe, whether they want to admit it or not, can’t get enough American culture, so down the pipe it all goes.

I don’t at all agree with “Terrorist” activities or the people who perpetuate them, but one of the first steps that we all need to take is to self-reflect and maybe ask why we’re targeted.

I wish we could all live in peace, but all it takes is about 15 minutes of television viewing and I can understand, a little bit, why other cultures would think Americans are such ridiculous people pushing bad culture, like a sewer stream, all over the world.

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