Wait, what’s scattered? I can’t see Scattered on the list! I must know what it means! Aargh!
Tamyka Bell

I was a little taken aback as well that they don’t seem to explain that. So, if you just order hashbrowns plain, they come cooked in round shape. If you gt stuff mixed into it, they scatter it so that it can all be mixed and cooked together. :)

While I’d not be super down with the salmon ( I did once attempt to eat a German food, can’t remember the name but it was cream cheese and salmon on a slice of cucumber, if I recall. The vomit reflex was nearly instant... and I’ve choked down raw squid… :D ) that Rösti looks effin delicious. I think I’d really like one with either some broccoli and sharp cheddar melted over it or maybe some kalamata olive paste on it with a slice of smoked provolone melted on it. Yum.

HA! Or cream of chicken soup poured over it :p

I’m going to nab a recipe and try it out.

“muesli with fresh fruit and yoghurt as a side”

Okay, seriously, while I don’t enjoy picking muesli out of my teeth for a while after, I love the stuff. Not sure how you take yours but I like mine drowned in ice cold milk. I could pretty much eat nothing but fresh fruit and be happy… but dead. :) Yogurt is another favorite. You ever make yogurt cheese? So good rolled with pecans and honey and a little brown sugar.

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