One year I told my race crew I wanted a cheese and tomato toastie with lots of salt.
Tamyka Bell

I would give it another go if a waterfall were involved, for sure. I’m absolutely fascinated by them.

I had been rappelling about 17m over in land-up-over fashion from where I decided to use my face as a stopping device. What was really cool about that area is the cliff bowed inwards (hence moving over a bit later to go face first) with a shallow cave in it about 15m down. We’d all been trying for about 2 hours to rappel down and into that hole. It looked easy from the ground, but from up top it was difficult! I finally got in there by getting properly over it, keeping my back hand really loose, kicking off like a suicidal lunatic, and timing it right to brake hard and swing in (not claiming technique on that as I really didn’t know much about what I was doing and there was probably a more sensible way to go about it :p ). I only managed to remove about 7 square cm of skin on my back with the landing :p Also ruined a perfectly good glove.

In that moment, however, I was the Batman.

I’m lucky I wasn’t in Australia doing that… no telling what sort of poisonous horror show might have been waiting for me in there. :D