Well, obviously, so am I.
Annie Littlewolf

I’m almost exactly split between 2,4,and 9.

I think I had a lot of conflicting answers, for example — for 2 (The Helper), I fit lot a of that, but I have no real sense of entitlement to anything, which it seems is a co-factor of 2. I’m not a give and take person. I give because it makes me happy. If there’s a return on that, even better, but 99% of the time it’s neither asked nor expected.

4 seems to have me fairly well pegged except I’ve never built any identity around my perception of myself as being somehow different or unique… I’ve always been kind of an outsider, but I never chose that or took pride in it. Quite the opposite, in fact, I hated it. I never saw it (and still don’t) as something that made me in any way superior to anyone else. Most of my life I’ve just felt ‘defective.’

9, I would consider the most like me, except I’m more that willing to engage in a debate or a conflict resolution, even passionately. Instead of “checking out” to avoid conflict, I simply have a very large range of acceptance for individuals of all sorts.

To further confuse things, 1 is my lowest score, but the test seems to think it’s a “wing” on all of my highest scores. Go figure. :)