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I’m in a similar boat. I was never comfortable sharing my writing with people I knew face to face, plus the bother factor. I learned that “Oh, you write? I’d love to see some” usually means “I’m politely showing interest because I like you, but I’m never reading that shit.

Too many times someone has asked me for an example of my writing, I provided. A month or so later I feel weird about checking in on it, but usually when I do, I get “Oh, I forgot, I’ll check it out!” Then another month and another until I’m just embarrassed to continue asking.

Also, my favorite: I’ve written something vulnerable and let someone read it and instead of commenting on what I’ve written, they comment on aspects of Me vs. What is written. I hate that.

Also, I’ve got a really cool mother who I only see once a year (new years resolution to make it more often) so she keeps finding me in the internet… she found me here, ha. I don’t mind so much. I get my artistic impulses from her and she’s always been 100% behind me in support of that. It’s still weird, though, to write this really steamy non-fiction story and see that my mother just hearted it.

I had to just… kind of quit giving a shit :p I love it here. I don’t have to push my writing on anyone. If people want to read it, they come and get it. If they don’t then I’ve got this amazing story (to my thinking, of course) and 2 recommends. Ah, well.

I’ve gotten in the mindset, lately, that what doesn’t work on Medium often works much better in books, both tangible and kindle-ish. So when I write something that does not satisfy the the more typical quick-read style of Medium, I set it aside for a book. :) I’ve got nearly two full size books of short stories from doing that. They may not get a lot of clocks on Medium, but the ones they get, from the likes of marika, Tamyka, Oliver, Alexainie, and several others… the taste and opinion of them counts for a lot more than heart clicks in raw tonnage :p

I have no damn idea how I rambled so far off course… just a warning, that’s some real life Heath going on there. I’m all over the place. Speaking of toes will definitely, somehow, end with Ostriches, or perhaps Emus.

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