I was brought up in an system that taught me the Aboriginal people were ‘uneducated’ and, as I hiked through that area with my gigantic topographic map and (standard-sized) compass with a pack full of food and water, I was reminded (again) how this couldn’t be further from the truth. It was the same slap-in-the-face I got when I visited Kuranda and learned how the Aboriginal people had mastered living in a forest full of poisonous plants and venomous creatures.
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Tamyka Bell

I’m of Native American (Cherokee) descent and I grew up in the southern US thinking the Cherokee were a western people while I was living right in the middle of their former lands.

I absolutely get what you are saying 100%.

It’s mind-blowing how this entire group of people was just kicked out and sent west without so much as a “good fucking luck!” It horrifies me to think of all that was lost, just erased, wiped away.

And that was better than most tribes were treated :/