I, who once was an insecure, nerdy teenage girl, really enjoyed your story written from that…

It’s a tempting prospect to anonymously write as someone completely different than who you are (ie. a Nigerian Woman) so that it can be audited in a vacuum as to just how deeply an author can go into a different mindset.

But… it’s a dangerous road.

I actually did a social experiment once. It was intended strictly as writer fuel in the exact vein of getting a different perspective. It necessitated being dishonest and deceptive* no matter how much I tried to justify it and some very nice people got into a position to be very hurt. I shut it down when I realized it had grow completely out of control and I couldn’t deal with the fact that it had reached personal levels with, oh, tens-of-thousands of people.

I managed to swim my way out of it with as little damage as possible (mostly to myself) and seal it up tight. I can still google search and find front page message board threads, news articles, and youtube videos about “me” :/

I interacted with thousands of people across multiple platforms for over a year and no one ever caught on.

* Nothing remotely criminal, I just was not who/what they thought I was.