Do You Like All Of Your Friends?
Aura Wilming

I’ve got a couple.

The thing is, it’s what I see in them when they aren’t being assholes that make me put up with them when they are being assholes.

Walter, for example, as much of an asshole as he was, there was never a question that he was going to jump right into whatever Dude needed him for, even when Dude wasn’t asking (except for on Shomer fucking shabbos!).

I’ve got a friend and he is, admittedly, an asshole in several ways, and often embarrassing to have around other people, but he’s loyal as hell, always has my back no matter what. I’m genuinely one of his favorite people. Plus, I can talk him into doing stupid stuff, so that’s hilarious fun.

I had a friend years ago who every one disliked. I disliked him a good bit of the time, he had some serious issues. He could be humiliating in public. My little sister literally came across a table at him once for the crap coming out of his mouth. He had great taste in music, though, and there was never a time when I wanted to hang out that he wasn’t down for it.

I had another friend a while back (this one’s boyfriend) who was a conman and pathological liar. But… he was usually straight with me because I never bought his bullshit. I think he needed one person he could stop acting like that around and after he realized it wasn’t working on me he sort of attached himself. That was fine, the guy I knew under the BS was a pretty cool guy, even if I did have to kick his ass straight a few times when he forgot who he was talking to.

I guess I’m sort of a safe-harbor for broken souls, heh.

Oh.. Hmm.. maybe that’s my problem.

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