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Mwahahha!! Awesome! :D

You made me think of something, not really related…

I’m about 5'10" barefoot. My ex wife was 6'1"

Her father is an Air Force Lt Col. about 6'7" and all lean muscle.

Okay, so meeting him was intimidating as hell. The first family gathering of hers that I was at was from her father’s side. EVERYONE was vastly taller than me. It was very disconcerting and vaguely uncomfortable. Felt like I married into a damn family of jotun.

“Yay, look, everyone, V. married a little person!”

So finally at Christmas it was her mother’s family in attendance. Lovely jolly average height. When I walked into the room I said, loudly “Finally my people!” Her uncle says “Yeah?” and I said “Have you seen her father’s side of the family?” Got a good laugh at that.

Anyway… I think the next thing I write about will be the time I fought a mountain lion in Colorado, man a mano... er... garra? True story.

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