Me either. I eat caught fish sometimes. That’s about it.
Jason Stelzner 🌹🍁

My mother and her sisters and brother (11 total) lived on a dirt floor in a shack :D My grandfather would shoot squirrels to eat. The kids would fight over who got to suck the brain out of the squirrel head.

True story.

Pork brains and scrambled eggs were common.

Ugh.. I want to barf just typing that stuff.

Ah,. salmon…

Well, I worked the seafood counter at a grocery store when I was in college. We would get these big strap-bound wax boxes with a whole Alaskan salmon.

The salmon, being cold water fish, had an abundance of oil in their blood, sort of like antifreeze. When I would open the box, I’d find a big ass ugly salmon laying in about a half gallon of disgusting oily stinking pungent vomit inducing salmon blood. You could see the oil rippling in it. We had to cut them up and all that jazz, and it just stank so bad,

It got to where I could not get the smell off me and I couldn’t go numb to it either. I walked around perpetually nauseated.

The sight of cooked salmon doesn’t bug me and unless I get right up on it the smell doesn’t bug me either, but I can’t eat it, don’t want to even touch it. :/