Where is my Utopia? : (
People Still Shit in Paradise.

My Utopia is the feeling I get every time I see a certain pair of eyes. I startle and get this quick jolt, like when the electricity in your house flickers too quickly to reboot anything but your senses catch it.

Maybe there’s a medical explanation that will make me feel stupid, but it feels to me like my heart literally skips a beat.

In that little moment I am reminded, this is my little bit of perfect, my wonder, my too good to be true. I think to myself all over again how can I possibly be so lucky?

That is my Utopia... a place inside me occupied by the one person who truly belongs there. Internal and external.

The greater “Utopia,” to me, is the like-minded people who make you feel safe to be yourself and who have no desire to stomp your personal Utopia, but much the opposite, will actually defend it, simply because that’s what we do.

You, BHD, the people you mention here (I don’t know Zelda, yet, but now I look forward to becoming acquainted), and many more, who are, in lovely coincidences, webs of mutual friends, are all people who I hold genuine affection for. “I love me some Medium peeps” too. :)

So, yeah, send in the trolls. I got your Utopia’s back, and you got mine, we’ll be all sorts of fine. :)

Plus… I’ll fuck a troll up. :D

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