“Do you feel it is your job to chastise others for word choices which displease you and then…
Rev. Fred Denial

No, she nailed you spot on. You have no idea what a “trigger” actually is. You think getting your grungy shorts in a twist is being “triggered.” That just shows how epically ignorant you are.

I was married to a woman with severe PTSD. It wasn’t something “bothering” her, it was pieces of her life that went so far beyond what the human mind should have to deal with that the memories were mis-allocated to a part of the brain not used for memory storage, so when it’s “triggered” it doesn’t present as a memory but as an actual experience happening now.

The fact that you would so grossly misrepresent that as “oh, no, something I don’t like triggered me!” shows very clearly that you’re not blunt, honest, or anti-pc, you’re just a real serious asshole.

If you can watch a friend’s head explode right in front of you, wipe the brains of your face, and have a smoke, well good for you. Not everyone processes things the same way, I’ve got a friend who was in Afghanistan in the U.S. Army. Their transport hit an IED. He made it out, wounded, but as he dragged himself out of the vehicle, after being concussed, his hands were in something wet and squishy. Once he got his head cleared a little, he realized it was one of his best friend’s guts spilled out on the ground that he was dragging himself through. There are things I just don’t talk about to him because when he gets “triggered” he’s feeling the same kind of insanity and fear and upside-down world as he felt right there in that moment, and he tends to try to drink it away. Then I don’t hear from him for a month or so. When he finally comes around he looks like life has been sucked out of him.

So, maybe you can understand why “political correctness” has nothing to do with this. It’s all about what an asshole you are.

Do you think the handicapped are just lazy? Autistic kids are just unruly little bastards? Hell, man, you should immigrate to the US. Trump would love you.