I am a troll?
Just Studying

Oh, now, I’ve been working and having a sandwich while you’ve been carrying on. Not sure you could quite categorize that as rage. Then again we’ve all seen your issues with reading comprehension.

You seem a little steamed. Maybe go get yourself a popsicle or summat?

I can’t help it if you’re ignorant of what your sources are saying, little fella. You brought them up, not me. I mean, I truly am sorry they didn’t say what you thought they said.

Look, I hate to see you like this. I tell you what. Want me to give you a few trolling pointers? I’ll let you try them out on me and see if you get the hang of it.

Do you mind if I repost your “poem?” I’ll make sure you get all the credit. I’m afraid not enough people will see it here in these comments, It’s adorable. :p

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