I get the overload. I reached it a long time ago for different reasons.
Ré Harris

Ré, I understand that, and to me, real news and intelligent opinion will always be respected by me. I may be tired of hearing about it in general, but it’s the extremely childish stuff by supposed adults that ends up making me daydream about super powers that would let me zap the shit out of someone through the internet.

I see normally intelligent and rational people acting like these incredibly whiny little entitled brats. I saw it with Dubya and Obummer, as well (not my terms, just an example of adults regressing to you’re a stupid-head! mentality).

I just don’t get it. George W. Bush actually had a parody television show, still ran 2 terms, and still has a massive amount of admirers and supporters. Barrack Obama was ridiculed for so many different reasons I lost track. 2 terms, huge following of admirers. They both deserved opposition, as they both made some incredibly arrogant, stupid, and terrifying decisions, but the ‘big ear big teeth’ drawings and other childish garbage accomplished nothing but some masturbatory wish-fulfillment for some really sad people.

Are there very real issues with Trump as president? Damn straight. Did I want him to be president? HELL no (but then, I was adamantly opposed to Hillary as well).

But this stuff… the (frankly, psychologically disturbing) fantasy fulfillment Trump stories, the sadly unfunny “news” humor bits, etc. It’s all so highschool.

If these snot-nosed twerps really want to make a “difference,” then they should get together, storm the whitehouse, and drag his ass out of there. I’m glad the founding fathers of The United States (may they one day be granted peace from the constant rolling in their graves they must have been doing for he past 60 years) did more than just sit around writing things like This just in, guard at Buckingham Palace confirms, King George has a tiny penis, and doing a Continental Congress circle jerk over their massive wit.

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