How to be like Steve Ballmer
David Barnes

Regardless of the validity of any given statement in this article (that’s a bone to those who want to pick things apart unnecessarily, in my own opinion)….

You might have just changed my life with this article.

That’s meant to be neither ironic nor pathetic. I’ve found myself in a strange place at my job where I’m dwelling in so much stress, frustration, and rage at being ignored and nominalized that I have very little left to focus on making anything better.

I think even the best of us are, at times, without a clue as to how to move forward. For me it’s years of eating shit-sandwiches for lunch. It takes it out of you and leaves you just enough of yourself to make it home, maybe watch some tv, play a game, and then go to sleep.

For me it was worse because the dread of going to my workplace in the morning led to staying up very late… consciously and subconsciously, I knew once I lay down, my small and pathetic “happy time” was at and end. Sleep was only a run up to tomorrow’s shit-sandwich which I would be fed with gusto and have to chew with a smile.

Anyway, sometimes, you just need to hear or read something that resonates with you.. something that clicks as “hey.. that’s something I think I can do” rather than the standard platitudes that are so much easier said than done (“just be positive!” I would not be surprised if there have been many murders that have occurred because of using that as a primary way of dealing with things).

So, yeah, thanks for the article.