It shows how very little we have come in the past few decades. I mean women weren’t even allowed to vote less than a century ago
Oh wow, so you do know what it’s like to love someone who is so deeply wounded.
Molly S. Hill

Sometimes, as a guy, especially a guy who tries to treat everyone, male,female, other, with the same kindness and respect, it’s easy, because of living in that bubble, to forget that things can be pretty shitty for women a lot of times.

I’m no social justice warrior (I have a simple code, treat everyone with kindness and respect, regardless, until they individually remove themselves from your good will, and even then just don’t associate with them), but jeez, just the biological issues women face on a regular basis compared to my pretty much maintenance free setup, makes me cringe.. and that’s often the least of it.

I’ve daydreamed (like most people, I imagine) of how neat it would be to be able to time travel and go back to the past, middle ages, Renaissance, etc… but it would be a pretty scary-ass thing for women, when simply speaking your mind could get you beaten, with the law completely behind it.

So, yeah, this Brock Turner mess is a real hot point with me. It’s not a huge leap from disregarding women being assaulted to accepting it.

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