Heath Houston this was so MUCH fun! Welcome back to the KNOB! We’ve been missing you! :D
S Lynn Knight ~ 🇺🇸🏳️‍🌈

Thank you! I was writing desperately! It would have been almost twice as long, but at 11:40pm I figured I’d better wrap it up and do some editing :)

I’ve got plans for a couple of books of short stories, so maybe one day I’ll add in all the ideas I had to abandon (ie. the leader, Bobby the Bully/Giant Brat-Creature who was held back 2 grades, the vacuum cleaner attachment/confiscated items shotgun backpack, several tool belt goodies (the Sweep-o-tron .5 Mini handheld brushbroom, razor slinkys, and boom-a-rang pipe wrench, more and more descriptive fights (Phyllis with “nun-chucks” would have had a bigger part)

Thank you for the welcome back :) I love love love the Knob.

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