Heath, I appreciate you picking up on this and giving me the opportunity to see if I was hasty in…

Thank you, Claire for a reasonable and well thought out response.

I think one huge problem with the world today, aside from the more obvious huge problems, is that, as men, we’re told we should respect women, learn about women, what makes them tick, why they feel the way they feel, etc. (for the record, this was never something I had to be urged to do as I’ve always had more female friends than male friends, so it was sort of natural to see them as just as complex as myself) no one seems to think it’s important to understand how men feel, so you have a lot of women earnestly believing that they way they feel is a strictly female brand of suffering/indignation/hurt/belittling/etc. when it’s not.

That is, of course, compounded by something you very correctly mentioned regarding men displaying feelings. So we have this giant disconnect of the most basic fundamental thing that we all share, being human.

Honestly, as a decent guy, I constantly feel that my humanity is under attack, by both legitimate concerns and figments of rabid imaginations, neither of which actually have anything to do with me. I think the world is overdue for an honest perspective from good men in the current culture because I think it would shock women.

I think I was feeling that a little bit yesterday when I replied to your comment. I was feeling everything Victoria was writing, deeply, having been there so many times, still there, somewhat, and then it felt like I was disregarded because men don’t feel things like that, we’re just big jerks who make women feel like that (I know that wasn’t your intent, after reading your reply, I’m just trying to explain my perspective), and once again, I felt denied, on basis of my sex, from sharing a human moment.

P.S. I apologize if my initial reaction maybe have been somewhat combative. I know that’s not a productive way to approach discussion.