Same boat.

The heart will rush for love, even beaten and bruised. It has a dangerous lack of restraint. The only way to quell it, alone, is to have it broken so badly it can’t function.

The brain, well, the brain gets to suffer right along with the heart when the heart decides to go diving off cliffs. So the brain is going to start protecting you. The problem is, it’s not the fully conscious part of your brain doing it. That part of your brain is not smart, but it is clever and devious and has a powerful will.

Through fears, suspicion, paranoia, bad dreams, and irrational emotions, that part of your brain will try to protect you from something it knows hurt you so badly before, but it does not have the capacity to rationalize taking another risk.

You have to appease it somehow. If it’s at an appropriate point, let X now this, and use your best judgement as to how quickly or slowly to divulge.

Unfortunately this can be scary for someone to hear, so always take into account how it affects them as well.

*hug* you got this, hon.

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