When I’m the woman, your perspective helps me see things from my partner(s’) point of view. And god, that breaks my heart. But it’s really helpful because I need to know as I try to figure things out.
Oh, Heath.
marika bianca

This is something accidental but has become, I think, the most poignant part of it. I did not realize there was such a lack of (caring) writing from my perspective.

It ended up being the unsaid that needed to be heard. That thing that had to be guessed at and worried about in the most self-recriminating way.

It’s not pleasant to know that PTSD causes a loved one pain, but a known factor can be worked with while an unknown factor can only be guessed at.

But I was only writing, not really considering that. Initially I was horrified that what I wrote caused someone to hurt. I was told by a very sweet friend who had that reaction, that the hurt was already there, this made it a healthier hurt that could be processed and possibly even lead to a closer relationship.

If so, I am flattered beyond belief to have written something that helps. :)

“Thanks for being unflinchingly honest.”

Nothing else has ever really worked out for me :)

“It’s amazing how helpful it is to share in another person’s experience. It’s a gift that I appreciate wholeheartedly.”

I used to wonder how people could stand to read non-fiction all the time. What you said right there, is a huge part of it.That shared experience.

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