Collaboration of Souls
Heath ዟ

(this is the current state of the Collab with Connie’s lovely addition)

A Collaboration of Souls

Wild Flower got my mind churning and turning, so I thought it would befantabulous (new word, add it to your dictionary) to do a larger collaboration with more of the amazing writers here on Medium!
Here is how it will go. I will tag someone after my lines, each set of writing from the individual writer should have their names in parenthesis at the end of it, before the next writer writes, so we know whose lines are whose. I’ll start.
Jessica Kaisk

It starts with a tiny
just inside the
It can spread fast
heart to heart
passion to passion ( Jessica Kaisk )

And lift up the dying –
the dead, rising up
the faint of heart,
allowing them room to breathe
for just one more day. ( Tremaine L. Loadholt )

Forming flames,
candlelight, candle lit
baring face, showing grace
a symphony of passions,
smelting to the core for peace. ( Ayesha Talib Wissanjib )

Feel the light on your face,
Accede to warming embrace
Exhale the love, inhale the light
While running this human race
Soul sparks will rise up through the night ( Jules )

Staring in the dancing flame
I see the promise
of hope and joy, love and safety
for every person willing to light their own
and pass the flame on to others (Aura Wilming)

A flame is lit
It is a cry, a sob
an oath between
hearts ( Sean Howard )

It started
with a lovely spark
that gathers
light to fainting heart
till fanning flames
of subtle grace
we feel the light
upon our face.

We pass the spark,
with flame in hand
to neighbors near
and distant lands,
and knowing distance not,
the heart,
our passions share
through tiny sparks. ( Heath Houston )

Journey of Sparkles
Rustling twitters of orange
move left to right
through temporal moments
of green.
silvery backs
red hot magic
all on grey-backed torsos
elongated necks
tippy toe
for the sun,
the stars,
the moon,
the sparkles.
paint much love, always,
heart family that you are.
Medium is full of
the sparkle-sprayed
milky way we all share.
just look up
all our similiarities;
dancing. ( Crooked Little Flower )

love, C
thank you Heath

and continuing onward ~ alto

(writing from bed on the tablet, hope the format is okay. Thanks for the understanding)